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Management Group and Corporate Management Team

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the company’s operational administration, in keeping with the guidelines and regulations issued by the Board of Directors. In management of the tasks specified in the Limited Liability Companies Act, the CEO is assisted by the Management Group and the Corporate Management Team.

Management Group

Finnvera’s Management Group discusses issues relating to the strategy, the policy outlines for business and client work, and ownership steering. The Management Group meets every second month.

The Management Group comprises the Chief Executive Officer, the Executive Vice President for Export Financing, the Executive Vice President for SME Financing, the Senior Vice Presidents for Finance and IT, Administration, Change Management, and Corporate Communications and Marketing, as well as a representative of the regional management.

Members on 31 December 2014:

Pauli Heikkilä (1962)
D.Sc. (Tech.)
Chief Executive Officer
Topi Vesteri (1956)
Executive Vice President, Export Financing
Katja Keitaanniemi (1973)
Lic.Sc. (Tech.)
Executive Vice President, SME Financing
Kari Villikka (1955)
M.Sc. (Tech.)
Senior Vice President, Change Management
 Ulla Hagman (1969)
M.Sc. (Econ.)
Senior Vice President, Finance and IT
Risto Huopaniemi (1975)
Senior Vice President, Administration
Tarja Svartström (1971)
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications and Marketing
Hannu Puhakka (1959)
M.Sc. (Tech.)
Regional Director, Savo-Karelia

Corporate Management Team

Finnvera’s Corporate Management Team discusses matters that have a major impact on the Finnvera Group’s personnel. Besides the members of the Management Group, the Corporate Management Team includes the Managing Director of Finnish Export Credit Ltd and the Managing Director of the venture capital investment companies. The Corporate Management also includes representatives of the personnel organisations. The Corporate Management Team meets every second month.

Members on 31 December 2014:

Anita Muona (1957)
LL.M. (Helsinki)
Managing Director, Finnish Export Credit Ltd
Leo Houtsonen (1958)
M.Sc. (Econ.)
Managing Director, Seed Fund Vera Ltd and Veraventure Ltd
Heikki Lähdesmäki (1961)
M.Sc. (Econ.)
Finance Manager, Representative of the personnel organisation Finnveran Akavalaiset
Päivi Mylläri (1965)
Adviser, Recovery; Representative of the personnel organisation Finnveran toimihenkilöt
Tuija Saari (1952)
Liaison Officer; Representative of the personnel organisation Erityisrahoituksen ammattilaiset ERA

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