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Supervisory board

Finnvera’s Supervisory Board consists of a minimum of eight and a maximum of eighteen members. The General Meeting elects the members as well as the Chairman and Vice Chairman. The Supervisory Board has a term of one year.

The fees paid to the members comply with the policy issued by the Government on fees paid to the administrative bodies of State-owned companies. The fees paid in 2014 totalled EUR 64,000.

Members on 31 December 2014:

Johannes Koskinen, Member of Parliament (The Finnish Social Democratic Party)
Vice Chairman
Lauri Heikkilä, Member of Parliament (The Finns Party)

Paula Aikio-Tallgren, Entrepreneur, Virvatuli-Valaisimet Oy
Eeva-Johanna Eloranta, Member of Parliament (The Finnish Social Democratic Party)
Kaija Erjanti, Head of Financial Markets, Federation of Finnish Financial Services
Helena Hakkarainen, Finance Manager, Finnvera plc
Lasse Hautala, Member of Parliament (Centre Party)
Olli Koski, Chief Economist, Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions – SAK
Leila Kurki, Senior Adviser, Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK
Esko Kurvinen, Member of Parliament (National Coalition Party)
Anna Lavikkala, Labour Market Director, Finnish Commerce Federation
Jari Myllykoski, Member of Parliament (Left Alliance)
Lea Mäkipää, Member of Parliament (The Finns Party)
Antti Rantakangas, Member of Parliament (Centre Party)
Timo Saranpää, Chairman, The Finnish Business School Graduates
Osmo Soininvaara, Member of Parliament (The Greens of Finland)
Sofia Vikman, Member of Parliament (National Coalition Party)
Antti Zitting, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sacotec Components Oy

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