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The number of Finnvera’s clients remained at around the 30,000 mark, totalling 28,800 at the end of the year 2014. The number was slightly less than the year before. Client turnover was the fastest in micro-financing, where the sums involved are the smallest and the repayment periods the shortest. Of the clients, 89 per cent were micro-enterprises, 10 per cent other SMEs and one per cent large enterprises. About 20 per cent of the clients were entrepreneurs who had been granted an Entrepreneur Loan for investment in share capital or for their contribution to a partnership.

Clients by enterprise size 31 Dec 2014, %

Micro-enterprises Other SMEs Large enterprises
89 10 1

Finnvera’s clients are both Finnish start-up micro-enterprises and SMEs operating on the Finnish market or seeking growth through internationalisation. A company often contacts Finnvera when it has the prerequisites for profitable business but is unable to obtain financing from the commercial market due to, for example, insufficient collateral. The clients of the Export Financing Unit are large Finnish enterprises engaged in the export trade, their foreign buyers, and domestic and foreign banks providing financing for exports.

Clients can reach Finnvera through various channels. Our website provides enterprises with information and advice about financing options at various stages of operations. In face-to-face meetings with the client, we discuss the details of their financing needs. In addition, clients can contact us daily through our telephone service, online service and social media. We are constantly developing Finnvera’s online services to better meet the needs of clients.

Through expertise and active involvement with the client, we help enterprises to create success stories.

Case: Finnvera helped sisters to embark on a career in baking

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