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The Acts on Finnvera define the tasks whereby Finnvera influences the development of enterprise and employment in Finland. Each year, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy sets goals for Finnvera. These apply to issues such as the focus of operations, the impact and efficiency of operations, and capital adequacy.

Financing is grounded in the Acts and Decrees on Finnvera, international agreements and EU legislation, the Government’s commitment to compensate for some guarantee and credit losses, and in the credit and guarantee policy confirmed by Finnvera’s Board of Directors.

The core of Finnvera’s strategy consists of financing for the growth, competitiveness and internationalisation of Finnish enterprises and improving the availability of financing for start-up enterprises. Finnvera succeeds when its clients succeed.

Finnvera carries out its operations in accordance with the service practices defined for client segments and the ISO 9001 certified operating system. The operating system and its effectiveness are evaluated on a regular basis using both internal and external audits. The observations made during the audits help Finnvera to develop the operating system continuously and to address any anomalies.

Vision, values and strategy in brief


By supplementing the financial market and by providing financing, Finnvera promotes the business of SMEs, the exports and internationalisation of enterprises, and the realisation of the State’s regional policy goals.


Finnvera is a provider of financing for growth, competitiveness and internationalisation.

Client promise

Through our know-how and active approach, we help our clients to succeed.


Trust, partnership and a focus on solutions.

Desired state in 2019

Provider of financing for growth, competitiveness and internationalisation whose know-how, services and team play produce the best client experience in the reference group.


The strategy aims at achieving a better client experience, effectiveness and team play

Client experience:

  • We identify market failures and take various economic cycles into account.
  • Our operations increase Finland’s appeal as a business environment.
  • Our operations are clearly defined, solution-oriented and proactive with respect to changes.
  • Our customer service is the best in the reference group.


  • Finnish companies innovate, grow, go international and gain markets.
  • During restructuring, new features spring up faster than old ones disappear.
  • Companies have access to an internationally competitive selection of financial instruments for export trade.
  • The impacts on the economy and employment are significant.

Team play:

  • We are an active initiator and a good team player within the Team Finland organisation.
  • We improve productivity and customer satisfaction by means of effective procedures and by utilising electronic records management.
  • We ensure internationally competitive know-how through constant development of the work organisation and personnel.

Evolution of Finnvera's strategy

Finnvera’s vision is to be a provider of financing for growth, competitiveness and internationalisation. We are proceeding towards our goal by revising our working methods, by developing our product range, and by strengthening our know-how and cooperation with other public and private providers of financing. We are active and want to offer the best customer service in our reference group.

Constant strategy work

Finnvera’s strategy is updated annually. The process starts early in the year, when the Board of Directors reviews the attainment of the goals set for the previous year and discusses new goals. The background information needed for the work is obtained by analysing the operating environment, by conducting inquiries among clients and the personnel, by reviewing clients’ expectations, and by monitoring competitors’ activities.

The corporate strategy of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy is completed annually at the end of February and constitutes the basis for Finnvera’s strategy work. The divisions and units then prepare their own annual goals, which are specified in autumn, during annual planning and budgeting, taking into account the industrial and ownership policy goals set by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy for Finnvera. Finnvera’s Board of Directors confirms the strategy and annual goals in December.

Implementation of our strategy in 2014

About one out of five Finnish enterprises that have outside financing are Finnvera’s clients. In total, 3,247 enterprises started their operations with the help of financing from Finnvera, and 2,208 enterprises seeking growth through internationalisation received some of their financing from Finnvera. When financing start-up and internationalising enterprises, Finnvera can assume greater risks than normally, since the State compensates for a higher percentage of their potential losses than in the case of other financing. Greater risks can mean, for example, less collateral or a higher share of financing.

It is not the intention that Finnvera’s financing would replace bank financing or that Finnvera would compete with banks. In order to prevent the distortion of domestic competition, Finnvera makes every effort to avoid long-term client relationships with enterprises established on the domestic market and steers them towards market financing.

As in competitor countries, Finnish export enterprises manufacturing capital goods strive to win deals by offering comprehensive solutions that involve long-term financing required by foreign buyers. In line with other countries, Finnvera helped ensure the competitiveness of these export enterprises not only by offering export credit guarantees, but also by financing export credits granted by banks to foreign buyers.

Finnvera revised its customer service to meet the needs of various customer groups even better. As of the beginning of September, expertise was partly centralised, and some of the functions were reorganised. The aim was to ensure even more focused and faster customer service.

Some of the issues formerly handled by regional offices were transferred to the Service Centre, which launched its operations in early September. The Service Centre serves small business customers and, among other things, handles various change situations in clients’ financing.

Growing and internationalising enterprises will be served in one unit. In this way, the know-how of experts can be concentrated and it will be easier to meet the financing needs of these particular clients.

Finnvera still has 15 branch offices, but the regional division was changed. The new regions are: Southern Finland, Central Finland, Southwest Finland, Southeast Finland, Savo-Karelia, Ostrobothnia, and Northern Finland.

Smaller financing decisions are made in the regions but large ones are now referred to a new, centralised credit decision unit. The largest commitments continue to be processed by the Management Group for Financing and Finnvera’s Board of Directors. The goal of the changes made is to ensure uniform credit decision practices in the whole country and, at the same time, to speed up decision-making even more. The average processing time in SME financing is about two weeks. In export financing, owing to the nature of operations and the large size of the projects, the processing times vary by case.

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